and the poplularity of different tea types 

Popular Tea Varieties

The fulfilling aroma and the health and beauty benefits of Oolong tea have captured the hearts of everyone. Next to water, tea is the world’s most polular beverage. In the tea world, one of the most popular teas is Oolong tea.  Then within the Oolong tea family, Big Red Robe Oolong has become known as the finest Oolong tea.

Big Red Robe Oolong Tea

In the early years of tea consumption, tea plants were grown in small, individual family gardens in China for private consumption. The wonderul, small, taste and health benefits of tea could not be contained for long. Many years later, explorers have brought and traded tea in countries outside China and throughout the world.

There are only four standard classifications of tea based on the fermenting techniques in which these teas are processed:

- White tea is the rarest as it can be harvested during certain times of the year.  White tea has a very simple, clean taste.  Many of the Chinese white tea processing techniques are kept secret to this day. 

- Green tea, the most popular Japanese tea, is made from heating and rolling the tea leaves to release the pure flavor; it has a unique sweet taste. Green tea is said to contain many if the tea’s antioxidant effects and is regarded as a healthy, aromatic drink.

- Black tea, probably consumed more than any other type of tea through the world, is the strongets or most flavorful type of tea. The black tea name and flavor comes from the extra oxidation.  Black tea typically has the highest amount of caffeine.

- Oolong tea, also known in Asia as 'Black Dragon Tea', is the most complex of all tea types. Organic Oolong tea uses an oxidation level that is somewhere between green and black teas.  The need for a precise, mid-level oxidation makes Oolong tea one of the most difficult to process.  Very fine organic Oolong teas like Big Red Robe Oolong have beautiful curly leaves and create a rich yet smooth cup of tea.

To become a true tea drinker you need to try all kinds of tea so you can appreciate the different flavors and aromas that each tea has to offer.  Once you find your favorite classification, you can narrow down the exact line of tea and dub it Your Tea!
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